Work With Me

“Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you share them with others. Show early and show often.”

– Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc.


Unlike more generalized books or courses, I will provide actionable feedback that is specific to your story. If you want to feel clear about how to improve your story, produce work you are proud of, and impact others with your writing, then consider working with me as your coach.


I believe in a story’s ability to change lives. My heart thrills when I can support authors ready to impact the world with their story. If your community is looking to deepen their understanding of the craft of storytelling, let’s make it happen together.

People are saying…

“Claire has this way of being spot-on with her reviews and edits. She somehow blends enthusiasm and encouragement with clear and innovative fixes to issues in my story. She definitely upped the suspense in my novel while helping me to find even deeper motivations for my major characters. Her personable nature along with her endless creativity make for a powerful and supportive experience. I heartily recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their novel.”

– Joy Lotus

“I had written scattered chapters of a story, but Claire’s insights helped focus my ideas. I considered structure, themes, and character motivations in a new way. Because of her insights, I was not only able to finish my first novel but write my second novel in a third of the time. Every day, I put into action what she taught me, and I know her edits have helped me become a better editor myself.”

– Josh Patrick Riley

“Claire has a way of finding those ‘essential to story-telling’ over-sights and brings them to your attention with a running start to a solution.  Her feedback can help move your novel from a nice story idea to something that sends your reader on an immersive adventure.”

– Kara Baylong

“Claire Chiaravalle helped me create complex characters that stayed true to their character arc by questioning their motivation and personality throughout my novel. She was quick to note plot holes and gave me advice on how to plug them. Overall, I find her knowledgable, insightful, and best of all, kind. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their work.”

-Jody J Hill, Author