Time and Creativity

Happy New Year!

Another year of storytelling is at my back and another year of storytelling possibilities stretches out in front of me. Which is a good thing. Mostly.

As you may be aware, holiday celebrations can bring up strong emotions. And for me, New Years is an annual review where I suddenly discount accomplishments (new home! new baby!) and focus on projects left incomplete (WIP novel).

So I am going to give you the pep talk that I need to hear in the hopes that there are others of you out there that need it too. So pardon me while I slip into my enthusiastic camp councilor voice and cheer you on and present your merit badges.

Congratulations friend, you have successfully prioritized creativity in your life for another year! This is a huge accomplishment in a world that can seem uncaring. You were able to tune out the siren call of twitter arguments, piles of laundry, and dumb cell phone games to keep appointments with yourself to create.

You have learned so much this year! You are a more skilled writer, careful reader, and thoughtful commentator than you were twelve months ago. And while you might not have a certificate to show others all that you’ve learned, it will show up in the work you produce from how onward.

You are creating around you a tribe of creators. By giving to creative communities, sharing yourself, and your ideas you have tricked brilliant people into hanging out with you! Ideas that have rattled around in your echoey head for years are suddenly spoken aloud and met with encouragement, thought provoking questions, and given new life.

Hopefully these three badges will help balance the scales as another New Years passes without having written ‘the end’. Now is the time to celebrate, appreciate, and dig in your heels for the year to come.

Happy New Year!

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