Podcast Roundup

I am quite the fan of podcasts. Below I’ve provided a list of the shows I’m currently listening to with some justification for why they might be worth your while too.

“Writing Excuses” – I have only just found this podcast and am delighting in catching up on back episodes. This podcast differs from the previous two in that it is a panel of experienced and published novelists discussing different topics. The episodes are short, to the point, and chock-a-block full of pearls of wisdom.

“Mom Writes” – A podcast following two first time novelists (who also as the name suggests, are mothers) working with the book coach and creator of Author Accelerator, Jennie Nash. So far I’ve found good nuggets of advice in the podcast as they start out. I think as the writers gain confidence and I become more familiar with their stories, I will be able to glean more from the excellent feedback that Nash provides.

“Story Grid Podcast” – This is based on the book “The Story Grid” by Shawn Coyne. Coyne works with first time novelist Tim Grahl as they expand on the ideas in “The Story Grid” and how to implement them on Grahl’s novel. The benefit of this podcast is how in depth it is, following many questions in real time as Grahl writes his very first novel. An added bonus is that Grahl, very bravely, shares his works in progress so you can look up just what they are talking about.

“Overdue” – ‘The podcast about the books you’ve been meaning to read.’ Andrew and Craig do a wonderful job of discussing the style, themes, and history of classic works of literature in a way that is fun and charming. I have found equal pleasure in listening to their discussions on books I have read as well as those I have not.

‘How Did This Get Made” – A little different in that this podcast discusses movies and it chooses to look at poor examples of the form. It is a very funny podcast where actors mock truly terrible movies. You can still file this under critique because their understanding of story (and particularly character arcs) is excellent.

“Witch, Please” – If you grew up reading Harry Potter like I did, this might be the podcast for you. The two self described “Lady Scholar’s” discuss the novels and films from a place of deep fondness and rigorous critique. They are particularly excellent at analyzing the books from a cultural and feminist standpoint.

“Appointment Television” – As this name suggests this is about television. There is a nice variety of topics covered in these episodes from good/bad tv, tv ‘book’ clubs, and discussing the tangled web of interactions between American culture and television.

“You Must Remember This” – Karina Longworth tells beautifully complex and well researched stories about old Hollywood. If you have a passing interest in how movies are made or the history of the film industry then let yourself be swept away by these wonderful essays read beautifully by your host. I would recommend to anyone her series on Charles Manson in Hollywood as a perfect place to begin.

“Serial” – Pretty sure everyone on the planet has already listened to this. But it is a great example of ‘long form’ podcasts. It is a blend of true crime, character study, and an old fashioned who-done-it. I also enjoyed it’s half sibling “s-town”.

“My Favorite Murder” – My passion for true crime is showing here. Karen and Georgia bring a ray of sunshine to talking about murder. Though the stories are well told, I think the ultimate success of the show is the tone. They walk the line between being dark and silly as well as exploitative and compassionate. They understand that their show is one-of-a-kind and talk about what a strange blend of emotions they share with their listeners.

“Lore” – This is a history podcast that tells the background of some of our most famous urban legends and humanities most primal fears. Aaron Mahnke does a great job with research and gathering together interesting stories around a theme in each episode. His particular talent lies in a great hook at the beginning and a punch-you-in-the-gut sting at the end.

I hope you enjoy checking some of these out!