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You are doing great

I am working on providing for myself the validation I so often seek from others. It has been a life long struggle, but I know I’m doing better. Still, it feels nice to be recognized for your hard work every once in a while. So, dear reader, I want to let you know that you

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I have been having a great 2019, and it is making me feel uneasy. You see I have this pesky life habit. I get all excited and start seeing possibilities everywhere. I get an idea for a new creative project or amped up to start a new work out routine and start to take on

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Shameless Joy

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of things to be fearful and upset about in this world. I can so easily be swallowed up in a down-the-toilet-bowl swirl of my twitter feed that it makes me want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers. Forever. But then

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