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Time and Creativity

Happy New Year! Another year of storytelling is at my back and another year of storytelling possibilities stretches out in front of me. Which is a good thing. Mostly. As you may be aware, holiday celebrations can bring up strong emotions. And for me, New Years is an annual review where I suddenly discount accomplishments

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Celebration In Story

This time of year is filled to the brim with celebration and ritual. There are holiday parties, special foods, and time spent with family. The holidays evoke feelsings of nostalgia, joy, and (for many, a huge amount of) anxiety. True. But how does that help with writing? The holidays provide rich sensory experiences and extreme

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Happy Thanksgiving

A quick break from the regularly scheduled programming to express my gratitude for my creative community. (Yes, you are a part of my creative community.) My life would be poorer without the people in it who support, push, and encourage me every day. I am inspired by the bravery and compassion I see you all

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