“Mapping Magic”

My current work-in-progress.

“Adventure is a disaster with a happy ending.”

“Mapping Magic” revolves around two sixteen-year-olds. A brilliant student cartographer, Evan Hill, sets out to map the previously unexplored continent of Meridon. His native guide, Wick Southwind, a capable princess and river pirate, pulls Evan kicking and screaming into a culture completely different from his own.

Evan is aghast to discover that magic is both real and commonplace in Meridon. At first, Wick delights in showing off the magic she has used since childhood until they come across an order of monk-scholars wielding a powerful new kind of death magic. Evan and Wick together must discover who is behind this new magic and stop it from unbalancing the whole kingdom.

Though Evan’s cautious nature clashes with Wick’s ‘swashbuckle first, ask questions never’ approach, they gradually learn to depend on the other’s strengths. As their partnership evolves through friendship to romance they must examine their most deeply held beliefs to be able to work together to save magic, the monarchy and discover that adventure is a disaster with a happy ending.