“Mapping Magic”

My current work-in-progress.

“Adventure is a disaster with a happy ending.”

A brilliant student cartographer, Evan Hill, sets out to map the previously unexplored continent of Meridon. His native guide, Wick Southwind, a capable princess and river pirate, pulls Evan kicking and screaming into a culture completely different from his own. Evan is shocked to find that magic, which he previously thought impossible, is as common in Meridon as a steam engine back home.

When Evan and Wick are attacked by an enemy intent on stealing magical artifacts, they resolve to warn Wick’s grandfather, the King. Evan’s cautious nature frustrate Wick’s bold one, and Wick’s “swashbuckle first, ask questions never” policy is appalling to Evan’s logical mind. Navigating floating cities, volcanic archipelagos, and royal family drama they must examine their most deeply held beliefs to be able to work together to save magic, the monarchy, and their lives.